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  • End-user certicates in contracts – A solution for dual-use trade?

    Today I had a conversation with a colleague about the topic of so-called end-use declarations. These are particularly relevant for trade transactions in the context of trade embargoes. National import and export authorities sometimes demand such an end-use declaration, with which the recipient of the goods undertakes not to pass on the goods. These declarations […]

  • Withholding law / lien in English law

    Today I had a new case – actually related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A company has an ongoing deal for the supply of aircraft equipment to a Russian airline. The equipment was ready – then the Russian government ordered the invasion. The sanctions subsequently imposed by the EU and the USA are now […]

  • Legal implications of the Russia-Ukraine war on business

    First of all, the most prominent effect is the sanctions that have been imposed. Sanctions have already been imposed by the EU, but also by individual states such as the United States and the United Kingdom. These relate to Russian persons and Russian entities, export bans on goods and restrictions on technology transfer. Restrictions on […]


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