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  • The ‘dormant’ company under Russian law – a good model or a one-way street to state ownership?

    Recently I had another consulting case where a German company wants to withdraw from a foreign market and dissolve its company there – the specific case was about a market exit from Russia. Specifically, it was about a distribution company, which is still operated in St. Petersburg. The German parent company has decided to serve […]

  • Exiting a foreign market – legal and practical difficulties

    Part of my daily consulting business is supporting market entry into foreign markets. On the other hand, I experience advice on leaving a foreign market rather less frequently. Yesterday evening, however, I actually received such a request. * The German company is still active in the target country despite existing political difficulties. It not only […]

  • The UK Modern Slavery Act compared to the German Supply Chain Act

    On January 1st, 2023, the new Supply Chain Due Diligence Act will come into force in Germany. This obliges larger companies to comply with environmental, social and human rights standards in their (international) supply chains. And indeed, I have been observing more and more corporate inquiries on the topic for a few weeks now. What […]


Matthias Führich, LL.M. (法学硕士)

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